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Horizon power cable

Power cable Horizon

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The optimization of the electric signal, and thus the creation of a strong energy potential that serves as the foundation for rich sound transmission - that is the primary goal of an optimal energy supply.

Like all power cables in our collection, the Horizon ensures that a strong, distortion-free and fully stable connection is maintained between your audio components and the power supply. Thanks to its high level flexibility, the Horizon power cable is suitable for use in systems placed close to the wall where cable space is tight.

The Horizon power cable is ideally designed to bring out the full potential of PowerStar Horizon power strip.

Horizon power strip

All materials used are produced individually to our specifications and hand-stranded by our own experts. Effective diameter: 9 qmm. Conductor materials: copper/silver.

Even used by itself or paired with power strips manufactured elsewhere, the Horizon ensures the delivery of an entirely distortion-free and powerful energy supply to your components.

The power cable Horizon is part of the Horizon series, which offers the ultimate set of high-end interconnects designed and constructed to work hand-in-hand:

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