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Horizon interconnect

Horizon Interconnect

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Horizon interconnect

Horizon Interconnects (RCA und XLR)

Establishing a connection between devices that maintains the quality and secure signal transmission of the optimized energy supply provided by the Horizon power strip and the Horizon power cable - that is the purpose of the Horizon Interconnects (XLR and RCA).

In their materials, design and construction, all cables in the Horizon Series and the Horizon power strip are devised to harmonize with each other for the purpose of maintaining an optimal energy supply at each point in the stereo system.

Yet the Horizon interconnects (XLR or RCA) also represent a stand-alone solution for creating the best-possible link between the elements of the device chain.

The Horizon interconnect cable is part of the Horizon series, which offers the ultimate set of high-end interconnects designed and constructed to work hand-in-hand:

Horizon power strip, power cable, interconnect, loudspeaker cable

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