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FlyingDragon Platinuum MKII

Loudspeaker cable FlyingDragon Platinuum MK II

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HB FlyingDragon Platinuum MK II - The ultimate loudspeaker cable

Our goal during development of our HB DragonSeries cables was to create lines that are capable of realizing the full potential of high-level loudspeakers and devices and the totality of their intrinsic musical properties and rendering them tonally accessible to the listener. We now present as the crowning achievement of our research and testing the ultimate loudspeaker cable:

HB FlyingDragon Platinum MK II.

Cable construction - main features:

Separate supply of connectors by means of completely isolated single lines. Specially constructed, multiple internal and external shields made of various, innovative high-performance sheathing materials that complement each other, some of which derive from space research and are now revolutionizing high-end audio cable manufacturing.

The principle of using complementing, mutually enhancing materials was also applied to the construction of the most important cable component, the signal conductor. The special, performance-optimizing interior connections enable the virtually degradation-free transmission of the music signal.

Specially constructed connectors: the plated spades are made of pure copper. The conductivity of the spade surfaces has been optimized to the point that it matches the excellent electrical properties of the signal conductors and maintains their level of conductivity without interruption.

The FlyingDragon Platinum MK II comes with four cable mounting blocks made of Star-Galaxy marble.

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